Our Promise

"…A client is not an interruption in our work -he is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business -he is part of it…" Kenneth B. Elliot
Our Collaborative approach
At CFL Advocates, we understand that ‘a one size fits all’ approach does not yield excellent results. We therefore work with our clients to deliver the most commercially focussed, client- specific and practical legal solutions by striving to gain an in-depth knowledge of the commercial environment in which our clients’ businesses operate in.
Reliability and approachability
We encourage open and honest communication with our clients and are readily available to receive and act on feedback.
Commitment to excellence
We strive to maintain the highest standard of service by retaining the best specialist lawyers and consultants. Our continuous professional development programmes and technological audits ensure that our staff is equipped with the best all round skills and tools to maintain excellent service levels in a dynamic legal and regulatory environment.
We are a team of forward looking professionals who challenge conventional thinking and push boundaries where necessary to provide relevant, efficient and excellent services.
Our Billing Policy
We operate a transparent, flexible and friendly billing policy in line with our clients’ diverse budgetary circumstances.

For conveyancing and court matters, we apply the Advocates (Remuneration) (Amendment) Order 2014 which stipulates the minimum fees chargeable.

For all other matters, we employ either a fixed rate, hourly basis or a composite billing structure based on a mutual understanding with the client.

When billing at an hourly basis, we avoid duplication of work and maximize on efficiency by ensuring an appropriate allocation of work so that each component of the work is handled at the most appropriate level. We understand our clients’ need to predict costs whilst receiving excellent value for money and therefore discuss hourly billing limits or budgetary caps where appropriate and structure each transaction accordingly.