Digitization of Company Records

The Registrar of Companies issued a notice to the effect that the Companies Registry filing system and procedures should be automated.

In this regard, the Registrar has directed all business owners to link their businesses by adding all directors and shareholders as users under Business Registration Services from the eCitizen portal. This will aid the Registry verify the business and thereafter enable access to online services.

For purposes of linking a business, one requires the following information and documents for the Directors and Shareholders of a company:

  1. A copy of the National ID/Alien ID/Passport (as the case may be) for each Director and Shareholder;
  2. The postal address for the Company, each Director and Shareholder;
  3. The residential address for each Director and Shareholder;
  4. The physical address for the Company, (the physical address should include the name of the building where the company offices are located, plot number and road)
  5. The email address for the Company, each Director and Shareholder
  6. The telephone numbers for the Company, each Director and Shareholder; and
  7. If the Director or shareholder is a corporation, a copy of the Certificate of Registration or Incorporation.


It is now prerequisite for each company to be linked before one can access a majority of the basic Company Registry services, such as obtaining an official search (form CR 12).

The digitization of records at the Registry is in line with the Strategic Plan 2013-2017 for the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice (OAGDOJ) which aims at automation of legal services, automation of registration services and facilitation of online submission of applications.

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Authors: Emma Kyalo

               Roselyne Muyaga