August 2016

The Banking (Amendment) Act, 2015

On 24th August, 2016, his Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta assented to the Banking (Amendment) Bill, 2015 to great public acclaim. The new law has introduced limits on interests that banks can charge on loans and deposits. This was not

July 2016

Reconstitution of Land Control Boards

On 28th April, 2016 the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, dissolved all land control boards across the country, and revoked the appointment of all land control board members. The move was aimed at curbing widespread

June 2016

The World IP Day: Recognition of IPRs

26th April, 2016 marked the World Intellectual Property Day in recognition of the role that copyright, patents, trademarks & geographical indications, among other intellectual property rights, play in encouraging innovation and creativity. This year’s celebrations were centered on exploring culture